I tried

We went to the Happy Gnome to try the Schell 1867 Munich Dunkel, which they said they had. I tried to order the beer off the menu but the server corrected me, saying that the Dunkel was coming next, after the current keg of whatever they had was gone. There was a few minutes of confusion and discussion and now I’m not sure if I had the beer or not. My beer was from Schell’s and it was dark in color. This is all I know. I’m gonna roll with that for now.

Fresh from the Tap

Our volleyball team decided to stop at Stub and Herb’s last night after the final game of the season. I asked about the Schell Dunkel since it wasn’t on the beer menu and the server responded that they just tapped it five minutes ago. What luck!

The beer came out with almost no head but it tasted pretty carbonated. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this beer but it was tasty enough for me to order another instead of picking something else off their impressive beer list. I don’t know if I would go out specifically to test this beer but if you happen to be at a bar that serves Schell’s Dunkel, try it out.

On Tap!

Make sure to get out and try Schell’s 1867 Munich Dunkel while it lasts! According to their site, it’s is on tap at the following nearby establishments:

Blue Nile, Minneapolis, MN
Stub & Herb’s, Minneapolis, MN
MacKenzie’s, Minneapolis, MN
Buster’s on 28th, Minneapolis, MN
Mac’s Industrial Bar, Minneapolis, MN
Groveland Tap, St. Paul, MN
The Happy Gnome, St. Paul, MN
The Dubliner Pub, St. Paul, MN