the perfect morning beer

This morning I found myself doing something out of the ordinary because of a WordPress technical limitation. The week 2 beer page will only show up if there is a post associated with it. So what’s a not-too-techy guy like me going to do? Certainly not hack the code in WordPress, but rather hack the code to my morning routine by adding a line that says “if it’s Monday morning, insert Gluek Honey Bock into mouth and write a review.”

So please keep in mind that my mouth is coated with a layer of morning breath and dried drool (yuck!) as I review this brew. Basically, it tastes more like a miller lite than I would like. There is a faint hint of honey flavor, but it’s very light tasting, not what I would expect from a honey bock. With that said, it’s very drinkable, especially in the early hours of the day. If only I were still in college, this would be the perfect “wake up at 7am hungover and drink before a Minnesota Gopher game” kind of beer.

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Ok, I'll start with my dirty little secret: the first beer I drank with regularity is Natural Ice, yes, Nattie's ice. I think the reasoning was something like, it's dirt cheap and super alcoholic. Well I've grown up a bit since then, and I actually like the taste of beer. Hence the idea for this site.

6 thoughts on “the perfect morning beer”

  1. YES! If it tastes like Miller Lite, I can’t wait to drink it 🙂

    PS I’m glad you tagged this with “morning beer breath” Hopefully there are many more posts to come with that same tag.

  2. Wow, takin’ one for the team. Speaking of teams, we should have a Brew52 spring softball or maybe kickball team! YEAH! 🙂

  3. I think we also should share the per beer price on the main page of these… because this beer is super-cheap, and that is kind of a factor, isn’t it? I mean, my expectations for a 50 cent beer are lower than a $2 beer.

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