The Blood of the Ram

I had to take a moment to admire the stout graffic on the can before imbibing the nectar within.  The bold ram stamped on the side excited me. “This heady mead will surely release a animalistic power within that i have until now been unable, or unwilling to embody” I thought.  Well, I would probably have to drink 6 or 7 of these to get my animal side raging, and for the price I am sure it would be a good investment.  I am no beer snob, i would buy a case Gluek for a guy’s night.

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I am a tall, single, white male who has been searching for the perfect beer going on 6 years now. I've crossed paths with many, but none that i'd bring home to mom. I hold hope that Brew52 can find my perfect match.

2 thoughts on “The Blood of the Ram”

  1. Hey… I don’t know your email but I figure this message will get to you. First off, nice to meet you last night. Some of the staff of Herkimer came up to me noting I was with the Brew52 crew and asked if Caleb was still around. You left your debit card behind. They have it behind the bar: “just have him stop in whenever,” I was told.


    (Admin – feel free to delete this comment…)

  2. Well, thanks, but….I went around for next two days thinking i had no card when in fact it was in my wallet the whole time, the server must have been mistaken. hehe

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