Taking me to a place… I’ve already imagined

At first sight I noticed it’s frothiness, it replied with a beseeching gaze. It was definitely dark, although with a tinge of redness, yet not too thick–it must know me quite well! After exchanging glances I finally took it by the glass and sipped from its heaving… okay, enough with the starry-eyed allusions.  Upon further examination I found the Gluek Honey Bock very tasty, delicious even. It was savory yet not as strong and filling as it appears (I enjoy most beers light in colored and wheaty). Having my fair share of Gluek beers I can definitely say that every one has been well-rounded, tasty and… expected. In every way it meets expectations but in those same areas it doesn’t kick it up a notch. Although not from the land of the rising sun it can be compared to a Toyota: always reliable, logical  but never innovative. But just like most weekends that’s exactly what I need.

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I'm a graphic designer by day and an aging hippy by night. By I definitely enjoy watching movies, listening to music, talking typography, doing crosswords and reading comics. Much LUV, Rich

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