Skunky Keg Beer

Seriously…that’s what I felt like this beer tasted like. It reminded me of what I would force down from a left over keg, because lord knows beer shouldn’t be wasted. And I’m down for that when the situation arises, but not to purchase.

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Lindsay Allen

Originally I am from the Village of Menomonee Falls, which is just outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. And yes, I am a Packers fan :). While I am a Sconnie girl, through and through, I fell in love with the Twin Cities during frequent trips up here for dance competitions in high school. Thus leading me to decide to attend the University of Minnesota, where I met my husband. Even though I'm a Minnesota resident now, I still carry my Wisconsin roots with me, including my passion for beer. And by the way, I lived on the island of Shikoku in Japan for two years.

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