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Glueks Honey Bock has in the past been one of my summer session beers, something I could drink 2 or 3 of in a night along side some homebrews and not get totally plowed. After reading the reviews here I will admit I didn’t want to go out and throw $10 or $12 down for 24 cans of some crap beer, especially when it’s likely to just take up space in my basement until a hot July day.

So I didn’t. I will concur with the other reviews, and agree that yes, you get what you pay for with Gluek’s. But really, it’s a pretty good beer to drink after mowing the lawn or playing a few rounds of disc golf. At least that’s what my memory tells me.  But seeing that I’m a big ol’ cheater (and cheap), and can’t actually comment on the beer that I just drank for the review, maybe it has gone hill in the last year and is actually on par with Busch Light and Miller Lite.

At least you save a few bucks with Glueks HB and are able to support a local brewery.

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