Pretty Gross

Well, it has a pretty color and it is cheap.  But, it tastes gross and is getting worse as it gets warm.  The smell is alright, but it is sort of offensive in my mouth.  It just doesn’t taste good. I like my cheap beers to taste more like nothing, but this has a strong taste.  It also has an aftertaste, which a cheap beer should never have.

But, if I’m going to be honest, this is significantly better than I thought it would be.  I thought it would taste like honey piss, but I can’t even taste the honey.

I know I’m not being specific, but there is something I just don’t like.  It tastes wrong.

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I live in Minneapolis and work in St. Paul. After that commute, I need a good beer when I get home.

3 thoughts on “Pretty Gross”

  1. Re: “I thought it would taste like honey piss”. Um, I’m afraid to know how you know that, Kassie! 😉

  2. I need to reply here, which is not one thing I normally do! I get pleasure from studying a post that will make individuals think and you’ve certainly managed to do that. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

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