Now that’s a can!

Nice Ram head looking for the next wise-ass to bust skulls with. I love the sub-title, “Royal Select.” I can just imagine kings and queens of old scrutinizing this Honey Bock. The flavor is OK. After all it is beer and I’ll drink it, I do like the subtle honey flavor. Though I wish I hadn’t rated SnowStorm so low because this is definitely not as good as that, but I’m saving the 1/2 star rating for if we ever review Rolling Rock.  It’s not really a beer to have with dinner, or really a beer to have while watching the game (though I am watching the BCS Championship) The only place I can think of  where drinking this beer would be suitable is after bustin’ skulls with that ram. 

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Hey I'm a home brewer in St. Paul's Como Park area. I love beer and am everyday thankful for it's creation. Two things, I'm not a Beer Snob. I'll drink anything from Miller High Life (ice cold in a can is the best on a summer day) to a corked Belgian Ale. The other thing, I'm biased to hoppyness! (is that a word?) If it's overloaded with hops, I'll love it. If it makes you pucker up a gasp...even better.

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