In one word: average.

There is just nothing to really distinguish this brew other then the can. It has very little flavour, it’s a bit too sweet (but the name says honey beer so thats expected) and other then that it’s quite plain. This is the kinda beer I’d buy for a century club and not feel bad if it didn’t all stay down by the end. And it has the advantage of being bland enough that your not especially beer fond girlfriend might be willing to slam a glass or two as well.

I sampled this one 5 mins after getting home from work and it felt decently refreshing and left me in a good mood, so it’s getting a 3 star rating for doing what beer does best.

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Hi, my names dave, and I'm a canadian. Imported to this country for just the simple purpose of tasting these great beers and comparing them to those at home. Or some such... actually I just like beer and know nothing about rating it, so I'm in this for fun.

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