I’m not in love…

…with this beer. Surely Dan Gladden can’t be wrong, can he? This beer pours into the glass as a dark amber color with a nice, off-white two-finger head that quickly disappears. It sure looks pretty. Caramel malts are in the aroma, however slight. Not much else there other than some other sweetness in the aroma. So far so good… it’s a bock, after all, right? The taste is sweet… a little caramel comes through, but not really much more aside from the alcohol bite. There’s not much body, either.

I imagine that I would have liked this when I was younger, back in the day when our local watering hole featured “Schmidt Dark” and when Michelob Amber Bock actually seemed interesting to me. It’s a clean beer, just not for me.

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I'm one of the lucky ones... I was drinking Minnesota craft beer before I probably should have been doing so... that's not to say that I wasn't drinking Old Style as well, but we won't talk about that... I'm the founder of MNBeer.com and a hardcore advocate of local craft brew. I like to brew beer as well. I also like to ride bikes, but that has nothing to do with beer, so I guess I'll shut up and drink.

One thought on “I’m not in love…”

  1. Haha I had forgotten that it was the official beer of the Minnesota Twins. To bad I don’t think you could actually buy it at a game. I wonder what beers will be on tap at the new stadium, aren’t they out from underneath the metropolitan sports commission so they should have better control over the vending. Oh well for sure it will never be as cool as getting a Flat Earth at a Saints game.

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