Crap! We just spent $12.99 at South Lyndale and someone else got it for $9.99.  Double-crap that it’s total crap!  You can taste the honey, and there’s the slightest hint of bitterness when you first taste the beer, but there is zero finish.  The finish is…oh…water perhaps?  Nasty.  We, like Aaron said, would be willing to make the huge and incredibly generous sacrifice of offering the remainder of our 22 beers to whoever would enjoy them.  That’s just the kinda folks we are….

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A wine girl married to a beer snob, I was forced to start liking beers more flavorful than Miller Lite. Now I'm a total convert and though I still like my vino, I am now a beer lover through-and-through!

5 thoughts on “Awww….Crap!”

  1. LOL! Come get it! If not, we’ll just keep it at our downstairs bar and offer it to my not-so-beer savvy brother by telling him it’s really good. 🙂

  2. I’ll buy you a round at the Blue Nile, where I work, if you drop some off for me some time!
    Just can’t bring myself to invest in a 12-pack!


  3. Al…why can’t I respond to you!? I’m sorta clueless at this whole thing. Either way…if you are serious…I’m IN! I’d give you a free sixer of the stuff for ONE glass of vino. Let me know! 🙂

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