A little bit of nothing

To be honest- I had to pour the beer out of the can into a nice frosty glass to tease my tastebuds into thinking it wasn’t just another canned beer.  It wasn’t good, it wasn’t bad.  It was like Miller lite with a twist (but not a bad twist like Miller Chill).  If there was a night that I knew I was going to do a  lot of heavy drinking (possibly building my own beer can pyramid) Gluek’s Honey Bock might be my beer o’ choice.

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The hubby made me join! :) Seriously, I remember being one of those girls at college basement parties that had to plug my nose and guzzle the beer as fast as I could to taste it as little as possilbe. Now, I'm all growed up and enjoy a good beer every now and then (or possibly as often as I can). Thanks for making this possible Rett!

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