A Decent Rental

Listen. When you tear open a 24-pack suitcase of brewskies and crack into a can, you know what you’re in for. So let’s all stop judging Gluek Honey Bock against that darling little ale we sipped at that quaint pub while we were off on holiday, and start judging it for what it is. This here’s canned beer, and damned good canned beer at that.

This beer was never intended to be sipped, sampled, savored, or paired with any kind of food unless the food came from a gas station. This beer is made for drinking, preferably in large quantities, and not from a glass, either.

I’ve still got two-thirds of a case left, and I can promise you that there will be empty Gluek cans all over my yard by week’s end. It’s not great beer by any means, but among the cheap varieties you use to get drunk on, it’s a good beer to rent.

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I fail at all the manly arts, except for drinking. That's the one at which I excel.

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