24 Can Mistake

Friend and I decided to pick up some of this at Minnehaha Liquors after a few drinks at the Town Talk Diner. They only had 24 packs. We asked if they had a 6-pack or a 12-pack, they didn’t, and we figured “well, we’ve gone this far…” and got it. Invited another friend over to enjoy. We all tried it for a bit and my, this beer we did not like.  I think it’d be fun if I was ice fishing though. It’s like someone took a cheep beer and dumped a candy carmel in it. Yeah. That’s how I’ll describe it. I have a bunch of cans left if anyone wants to stop over at my house and have free beer. Drop me a note.

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I took last autumn off from drinking. Now I'm ready to have a different brew every week. I live in Minneapolis and work in the eastern suburbs. I travel a bunch and eat too much pizza. I write sometimes, take some photos and Twitter. I'm a pilot and dig a lot of music. I'm an Internet junkie and I probably comment on your blog.

Photo by Bo Hakala

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