helicopters make me think of Rambo

Well, the meetup turned out to be a definite fail on my part. We were there but didn’t really interact due to our clandestine location. We walked in and snagged the only open table in the joint. You’d think that would be great…and it was. Not having to stand is nice. However, we did end up around the corner from any and all action happening aside from Big Buck Hunter 2006. *see diagram*

The plus side was far greater than the lonely table. This was the best smelling beer I’ve ever had. Black Helicopter smells like coffee – no surprise there – and good coffee at that. Not burnt coffee or like Sanka. It smells more like a cold press. The flavor is stout but doesn’t hang around long, making it pretty drinkable. Unfortunately coffee stouts seem to create some sort of negative reaction in my body. I enjoy both coffee and beer and I’m theorizing that the two of them battle for my beverage love and it leaves me unable to consume more than one in a sitting. The same phenomenon happened at last year’s Gnome Fest, I just found out after the fact…while I was biking.   I digress.  Kudos to Flat Earth for coming out with good new brews and thanks to the Ugly Mug for hosting – and giving me a super cheap happy hour. 

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2 thoughts on “helicopters make me think of Rambo”

  1. Sorry we didn’t see you there! I guess I didn’t even realize the building continued around the corner. I can only imagine service in that area was even worse since it’s off the beaten path.

  2. I honestly expected crappy service but was pleasantly surprised. Our waitress was prompt and cordial. We didn’t have the short girl for a server though. She seemed a little surly.

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