Mai oh Mai

First of all, I must start off by saying that Maibocks aren’t exactly my favorite types of beer, so I have a difficult time judging them.  The Summit Maibock, while in my opinion is better than the Maifest,  still leaves something to be desired.  It is a bit on the sweet side, and lacks the hops to really make a mark on the palate.  I really can’t say much more about it, except that it isn’t really something that I would drink very frequently and would probably only order one if the alternatives are domestic light beers.

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Joe Lunchpail

I used to be a typical Bud/Busch/Michelob guy. Whatever's cold, right?! (I grew up in a town of 690) However, around my final year of college, I developed tastebuds and soon began to whistle a different tune. My fridge now usually contains about 5-7 different beers at any given time, and I'll be dipped in dog doo if you can find a domestic light beer in there. My tastes are more inclined to the dark side, with Stouts and Black Lagers being my favorites, generally speaking, though I have developed a love for IPAs as well.

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