Brand owned by an ass

After one of the brew52 reviewers posted a negative review of this beer (see “Barfy”), Mr Yarusso felt obligated to post on this reviewers personal blog questioning his credentials:

“Hi Ben, please explain to me, what your back ground is to judge beer & food. I would lke to meet with you sometime soon. Off: 651-221-0899 Cell: 651-216-7550. All of (3)Brewer’s cave recipes are from Sig Plagens, Minnesota Brewering Co. I don’t like your remarks, especially, when you don’t know what you are talking about. Talk to me before you EVER, say anything about me and my Beer’s.

Wait your response

Frank D. Yarusso
Blue Diamond Brewing Co”

I was not aware someone needed a specific license to drink your beer, captain douschebag. Brilliant marketing though, hats off to you, sir, for shining a favorable light on your brand.

5 thoughts on “Brand owned by an ass”

  1. Don’t mess with the mob — you might get his with extra apostrophes, punctuation and bad verb conjugation. Funny you still managed to give it 2.5 stars. You’re too nice.

  2. Aaron, We must give the guy a break on punctuation. He was out of his skull with rage. Ready to fucking kick the fucking teeth out of any fucking asshole who dare disparage his brewering.

    I mean, think about the last time you were so angry you wanted to rip out somebody’s eyeballs and carve their brains out of the socket holes. Were you thinking about your spelling at that time?

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