Brand owned by an ass

After one of the brew52 reviewers posted a negative review of this beer (see “Barfy”), Mr Yarusso felt obligated to post on this reviewers personal blog questioning his credentials:

“Hi Ben, please explain to me, what your back ground is to judge beer & food. I would lke to meet with you sometime soon. Off: 651-221-0899 Cell: 651-216-7550. All of (3)Brewer’s cave recipes are from Sig Plagens, Minnesota Brewering Co. I don’t like your remarks, especially, when you don’t know what you are talking about. Talk to me before you EVER, say anything about me and my Beer’s.

Wait your response

Frank D. Yarusso
Blue Diamond Brewing Co”

I was not aware someone needed a specific license to drink your beer, captain douschebag. Brilliant marketing though, hats off to you, sir, for shining a favorable light on your brand.

This Beer Reminds Me Of Another…

Lesley and I enjoyed this beer at Yarusso Brothers yesterday evening. It’s not a bad beer, but it’s not fantastic either. We couldn’t decide what was “wrong” with it but something was a bit off. Maybe it was too much caramel flavor? In the end, I thought it tasted very similar to the Gluek Honey Bock. I went online today t find they’re both brewed at Gluek’s. I’m not surprised. 🙂


This one cought me off guard. I had no expectations, and quite honestly I was just planning on slogging through a bottle for the sake of the review. I was, however, very happy with the product. Worth it if you don’t like hoppy beer, but like a full-bodied one.

I see that a Yarusso brother is the one who kept this recipe going. Yarusso’s is a nice old Italian place on Payne Ave that looks respectable (I’ve never been but know those who have). I have been to Morelli’s Liquor which is right next to Yarusso’s. Good prices and a nice wine selection and a top-notch deli.  The place just oozes attitude: the old Italian food and wine shop…..that’s family run……since the 30’s…….that doesn’t take plastic (leaving no paper trail)…..

not sayin, just sayin.

I love caving

When I was a kid we used to go down into the sewer system (yeah gross I know but we were kids) to pretend we were caving. I think this beer would be the perfect beer (well it should be in a can so it wouldn’t break) for an adventure like that.

I have a feeling that if you did a blind taste test on this beer and people didn’t know who brewed it the results would come out much better than they will end up.

No complaints here

When I was a kid, I loved to watch my much-older brother make his shambolic homebrew. My favorite part was when he opened a can a malt extract and poured it into the mixture. I never was allowed to taste the sweet sticky syrup, but I sure could smell it, and I could imagine what it tasted like. This beer tastes like that smell, and that’s a good thing.

Normally, I don’t appreciate sweet beers, but this is a rare exception. There’s almost no hoppiness to speak of.  Hand me a bottle and I’ll drink it without complaints, and then ask for another.

Better Then Advertised

I wasn’t expecting much from this beer after hearing Ben badmouth it for the last few weeks but I think it delivers on it’s promise. The label says it’s a caramel lager and that’s exactly what it tastes like. The caramel flavor really jumps out in this beer making it a little sweet for my taste but I wouldn’t mind drinking this once in a while. It doesn’t hurt when your expectations are low to begin with.


‘Caramel lager’ sounds like a good beer, as evidenced by the fact that I bought this beer TWICE, forgetting that I had tried it before and not liked it the first time. (this goes to show that I’m a sucker for words like ‘caramel’ and ‘vanilla’)

This beer is nasty,  I can see why they don’t mention it on their web site, I wouldn’t want to draw attention to it either.

Hidden in the cave of mystery

This has to be one of the most intriguing beers I’ve reviewed thus far.  Just think about it, all of the other Minnesota beers say right on the label where they come from, and usually they point you to a web site where you can find out more info. BORING! Brewer’s Cave keeps you on your toes with it’s mysterious label stating “Handcrafted by the Blue Diamond Brewing Company” and lack of web site. Continue reading Hidden in the cave of mystery