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No, I didn’t take off for Lent although it seems like it. I finally got around to going to the liquor store and picked up something on the list. I bought the Finnegans and love it. I have had it before and when I want a beer that doesn’t hit you on the side of the head and say “you just drank a beer”, it is Finnegans. I has just enough taste to be called a beer but doesn’t leave a bad aftertaste. I also find it different enough to be interesting.

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Husband, father, and perpetual college student. I have been married for 25 years. I have 2 children in college. One is old enough that he is also planning to review beers on I already have a Masters degree and I am back in school to get a second Masters. This one in Scientific and Technical Communication. Can you think of a better practice for that degree than

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