What The Schell, I liked it!

I must say, I’m not really a Pilsner guy, nor am I a Schell guy, so I had no idea what to expect.   Except for the fact that anyone named August is pretty damn cool in my book.

So I really enjoyed this beer.  It had great carbonation, a really light flavor with a hint of something.   Maybe it’s a tad of sweetness?  Beats me, but this beer went down real smooth.  Like one of Eliot Spitzer’s babes.  Real smooth.   Was that offensive?  I’m sorry.

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I'm a reporter for WCCO-TV with a young son who leaves beer for Santa. I've got 2 boys, a wife, and a dog in Maple Grove. I'm not very cool, but I'm marginally funny. Oh, and I'm mostly stupid, although I used to be smart.

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