Real Good

This is how a pilsner should taste.

I generally don’t drink pilsners. They tend to taste like ass once they warm up a slight bit. They also tend to come in cans and kegs and get drunk by non-snobby people. My kind of people tend to be the snobby kind.

But this is a good beer. It has a nice color and a great taste. It is refreshing and balanced. I wish I could hand out bottles of it to people drinking crappy pilsners and say, “This is what your beer is suppose to taste like. Please have a beer that tastes like this when I come over next time.”

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I live in Minneapolis and work in St. Paul. After that commute, I need a good beer when I get home.

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  1. i can’t believe you love this beer SO MUCH that you gave it five stars. but really…you can downgrade your five star rating to a four if you just log into your account, click on the “Manage” tab up top, find your post, and then click on the “edit” icon. Good Luck.

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