Not bad in a pinch

A decent blue collar pilsner.  Normally when I want to get an easy drinking Schell’s I’ll grab a case of Deer beer or Dark but I started drinking more of the Pilsner when my boss made it his drink of choice for a few months.  To close out the day we’d on occasion suck back a bottle or two.

Also when picking up my supplies for this month I made my first trip to Heritage Liquor in Maplewood.  I met the owner and the beer buyer and they were both great guys.  They were talking about expanding their cooler space to keep even more craft and specialty beers on hand cool.  I think that would be a great idea.  They have premade six packs just for Brew52 beers.

Check them out next time you are in the area (map)

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A legal drinker for the past 7 years I've definitely grown from an everyday high life drinker to now an every other day high life drinker with local and national micro brews thrown in on the off days. Favorite beers: Miller High Life, Rush River Bubblejack IPA, Summit Oatmeal Stout, Delirium Tremens, Town Hall Masala Mama, New Glarus Belgian Red, Three Floyds Dreadnaught Imperial IPA, Surly Furious, Barley John's the Dark Knight, Ommegang Abbey Ale, and a host of others.

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  1. I’ll second the motion to check out Heritage Liquor. Good guys and always willing to chat about beer.

    “Does it do the trick?”
    (Heritage Liquor patron upon seeing the Flat Earth bottle in my Brew52 6-pack)

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