Best not to think about it.

Schell’s Pils is the kind of beer that’s fine if you’re just drinking it. I could see myself grabbing one out of a tub of ice at a house party, swigging it, and thinking it was a pretty good beverage.

But if you stop swigging and start “tasting,” you quickly realize it’s not so hot. It’s kind of sour as opposed to bitter — not a flavor I’m fond of in a beer. My advice is to buy it in the sampler 12-pack where you only have to suffer through 2 bottles of it. Drink the Caramel Bock first, then move on to the other stuff when you’re too buzzed to care. Keep the 2 bottles of rancid SnowStorm in the back of your fridge for when your brother-in-law visits.

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I fail at all the manly arts, except for drinking. That's the one at which I excel.

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