Where Did My Beer Go?

The question I asked each time after each beer from my six pack of Lake Superior Special Ale: “Where did my beer go?” Each time I had one, after the first few sips I¬†completely¬†forgot I was supposed to post about it on Brew52. No surprises, no BS, just good beer. Granted, a lot of the ways I’d describe the beer would be middle-of-the-road but really, they pulled off a simple, good beer that’s well balanced and would be good anytime for me. Thanks, Duluth.

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I took last autumn off from drinking. Now I'm ready to have a different brew every week. I live in Minneapolis and work in the eastern suburbs. I travel a bunch and eat too much pizza. I write sometimes, take some photos and Twitter. I'm a pilot and dig a lot of music. I'm an Internet junkie and I probably comment on your blog.

Photo by Bo Hakala

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