I could have one, or five

With the heat wave today Erin and I decided to enjoy our beers on the porch (with the space heater). The Lake Superior Special Ale is a wonderfully drinkable beer. Its a pale ale, I think, but with just enough hops to give a little bitter flavor, but you can totally drink several of these a night.

I ended up buying a six pack of these and I drank the first four quickly so I had to hide the last two in the back of the fridge so we would have two to drink for our review 🙂

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Ben R

I started drinking beer when I was around 7 or 8 when my dad would give us little cups of beer from his can. Nowadays I need more than just a little cup.

3 thoughts on “I could have one, or five”

  1. It’s a bad sign when you’re hiding beer from yourself. Hopefully it’s not to the point where you lay down to go to sleep and realize that you hid a beer underneath your pillow. Not that I’ve done that or anything…

  2. When I go to bed and find a beer under the pillow that just means I’ve been visited by the beer fairy, and those are the best nights!

  3. Thank You for your amazing visit !!!! Your love for us, fmaily,and community was incredible. Awaiting your visit next year so we can do another whole set of beautiful adventures!!!

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