Calling this Superior is an Overstatement

I mean really, to be so pompous to put the name “Superior” right on the bottle.  That really raised expectations.  What?  It’s named after Lake Superior?  I regret the error.

At any rate, my wife took one taste and said, “Yuck.”  But she likes more of a girly beer.  I took a couple tastes out the bottle, then poured it into a glass.  It’s a nice beer.  Nothing great, nothing fancy, nothing to really write about.  It’s fine.  Good.  If I saw it on tap, I’d order it.

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I'm a reporter for WCCO-TV with a young son who leaves beer for Santa. I've got 2 boys, a wife, and a dog in Maple Grove. I'm not very cool, but I'm marginally funny. Oh, and I'm mostly stupid, although I used to be smart.

3 thoughts on “Calling this Superior is an Overstatement”

  1. You know Rebekah usually only likes “girly” beers too, but she loved this one. And just to clarify, when you say “girly” beers are you thinking of like blue moon or like a woodchuck cider?

  2. Yeah, its brewed in Duluth, MN. They make some good beer. I like the Kayak Kolsch for fishing in the summer.

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