The real secret about snowstorm…

I can never decide whether I look forward to this beer because it’s supposedly different every year, or because it always tastes the same to me and I only get it “for a limited time”.

Question: When was the last time you tasted two different versions of Snowstorm right next to each other? I haven’t, but I think i’m starting to think its B.S.

Special Secret: Snowstorm tastes the same no matter what “secret selection of fine malts and hops” those pesky brau-meisters use . Oh yeah, and it’s enjoyable.

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If I've drank Blatz, and enjoyed it, am I still allowed to do this?

3 thoughts on “The real secret about snowstorm…”

  1. I’ve got to beg to differ here. Totally different beer for the past three years (that’s all I can remember)… All dark, but this year’s dubbel isn’t anything like last year’s London stout or the alt they did the year before. To each their own, but there’s a definite difference.

  2. I’ll pitch in to agree with Ryan. Every year has been different. This year’s may not be the best dubbel you’ve ever had, but it’s definitely not anything like last year’s stout, or 2005’s altbier.

  3. Tomato/Tomahto, I guess. I just haven’t ever been able to tell much of a difference no matter what stout or alt label they put on it. Don’t get me wrong, I like it.

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