Snowstorm 2007

First, I must say I am looking forward to the year long research and communication project known as Brew52.  Week 1, already has me tasting a brew I would normally walk right past.  So, let the tasting begin.

Like many others, I had no idea that Snowstorm was a dubbel this year.  I cracked open a bottle and poured it into a tulip, which reminded me I need to buy some new goblets for dubbels, trips, and quads.  A pleasant harvest cream head appeared, but quickly faded to lace.   A surprisingly mild aroma had to be coaxed out of my glass.  Snowstorm proved to be dry and drinkable; this dubbel would be a great starting point for someone to pair with a favorite cheese or simple meal.  The sweet fruit that does appear is balanced by hints of bitter root vegetables.  Halfway through the glass, the head can be invigorated by a gentle swirl of the glass.

This was a nice little treat and I am already looking forward to next weeks selection.

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