Snow Storm

I had the 2007 Snow Storm when it was first released and was not impressed, I may not even have had a full bottle. I bought a 6-pack for the recent occasion though and have been surprised at how much more I enjoy the beer after drinking more than 6 ounces.Maybe it was the time of year. It was still warm(er) and maybe I wasn’t ready to let go of the summer beers. Now, I enjoy the spices and slight heffe taste. It’s bold enough to say “here I am!!” but I could also appreciate as a session beer. On a Saturday evening, I could add a six pack to my repertoire. Yes, I think I’ll get another 6-pack before the season is over. Glad I gave it another shot!

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I love traveling, and trying new beers is always a highlight. I quit drinking three years ago to save up for a trip and after, decided to stop drinking beers that didn't actually taste good. I never looked back for my Miller. I don't usually enjoy heffe's or over-hopped beers, Surly might be making brave new beer but most are not for me. I've recently found a love for Russian Imperial Stouts but try to leave them as a (high calorie/high buck) treat. The regulars in my fridge are varieties of Sam Adams and Summit but guests are always welcome!

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  1. My my, good to see you are still around and looking as fine as I recall. I remember when you were too young to even particpate in a beer tasting event. Take care. Be thinking of you.

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