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I cracked a Snowstorm expecting to have some dark winter stout. I was totally caught off guard when the beer tasted more like the Hefeweizen I brewed in the late summer. I quickly turned the bottle around and read that the Schell Brewmaster tries out a different recipe for Snowstorm each year and that this year it was brewed with a Belgian yeast. What an awesome idea! I couldn’t really taste the raisins or rum that they describe, but it definitely has a light, slightly fruity taste. A little bit of summer was just what I needed on a cold-ass Minnesota day.

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Ok, I'll start with my dirty little secret: the first beer I drank with regularity is Natural Ice, yes, Nattie's ice. I think the reasoning was something like, it's dirt cheap and super alcoholic. Well I've grown up a bit since then, and I actually like the taste of beer. Hence the idea for this site.

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  1. Great site. So, will you two be the only one’s doing the reviews? It would be cool to allow more people to join in, unless that’s what the comments are for.

    So here’s my comment/brief review about this years Snowstorm. I was excited for this, as I just brewed my first Dubbel, and have gotten pretty heavily into the Belgians in the past year or so. Dave did a great job with this one. I had it when it first came out about a month ago, and it’s even better after some aging. I put a couple away for next year.

  2. Eric, I just sent you an email with details on how to join in! You should register and repost your review as an official review.

  3. I love the 07-08 Schell Snowstorm. This is the lightest that it has been in at least the past 4 years. It usually is a darker and heavier brew. I liken it to a caramel bock style beer, where in the past it has been more of a Black/Brown Stronger Ale.
    I must admit that I am a bit bias toward Schell’s as it is my hometown brew, and my family is friends with the Marti family. But, that does not take anything away from this wonderful lighter Winter Brew. Pick up a Snowstorm and do it quick, before the stores run out!!!

  4. It would be cool if a local liquor store would get involved and create a pick six type of deal for a month or so worth of beers that you could purchase.

  5. Am I imagining things or did the first two reviews- this one and the next one (Aaron’s?)- drop off the front page?

  6. CJ, you weren’t imagining things. The default number of posts to display was set to 10 so I just had to change that. Thanks for catching it!

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