My two word review: Shit Storm

My longer review: I always lean toward the underdog (Kucinich ’08!) and want to see them come out on top, so it’s with much disappointment that I come down against Schell’s Snow Storm. I couldn’t wait to finish this and I nearly didn’t, but I always finish my beer (with the exception of that craptacular Fat Tire pint I tried because everyone raves about it for some reason).

A few things just from the back of the label: “inspired by the Monastic beers of Belgium” – This is like saying Lichtenstein was inspired by the Old Masters because the results are pretty far off. Have we been to the same Belgium? Second, what’s a “subtle overtone”? Can an overtone really be subtle? Maybe like a hushed crescendo. 

I will say this – the 6 malts did stand out, unpleasantly so as did the spice factor. If I had to compare the taste to something I’d say it’s like a Blue Moon with a rancid orange squeezed in. Very nasty. This is one case where my taste buds trump my indy spirit because if this were offered to me for free next to a Budweiser I had to pay for, I’d take the Bud and, dammit, I hate Bud. And paying.

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I like beer. Really good beer, like Keystone and Keystone Light. No, not really. My tastes lean toward small label "microbrews", though I don't know if a nationally distributed beer like Bell's counts as a microbrew. But yeah, gimme a New Glarus, Summit or Surly over a PBR (oooh, it's so hipster blue collar!) anyday.

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