It’s the first beer you need a chaser for.

A thick and unsatisfying beer that makes your tongue thick  with their ‘creativeness.’ Malty and gunky.  The bottle is tacky, but if you look at it long enough you start to feel like you’re in Bedford Falls running down the street hollerin’ Merry Christmas! I wish I lived in one of those windows, or was the owner of the horse and buggy. If I was that buggy driver I’d LOVE this beer. But I’m not.

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Hey I'm a home brewer in St. Paul's Como Park area. I love beer and am everyday thankful for it's creation. Two things, I'm not a Beer Snob. I'll drink anything from Miller High Life (ice cold in a can is the best on a summer day) to a corked Belgian Ale. The other thing, I'm biased to hoppyness! (is that a word?) If it's overloaded with hops, I'll love it. If it makes you pucker up a gasp...even better.

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