Dubbel delivers on promise.

I read that it is supposed to be a belgian dubbel in style I really think it delivers on that promise.  If you know what a dubbel is, you expect big malt flavors, a thickish mouth-feel and then fruity estery flavors from the yeast.  So I was expecting a sweet, fruity strong beer that coated my mouth and got it.  I like this beer, maybe I am forgiving, since no one else around here makes a dubbel, I have not compared it to my favorite in the style: St. Bernardus Pater 6.   This one probably will not impress macro-lager drinkers, or the hop heads, but on a cold day, a strong malty brew like this is nice. 

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I like beer, and am trying to expand my knowledge of it. I have been homebrewing all grain for a little over a year, so I think I approach beer with a little bit of knowledge and a lot of awe.

5 thoughts on “Dubbel delivers on promise.”

  1. Exactly! It taste what its supposed to taste like: a dubbel. Schells gave it a good shot, and for the most part it hit the target. I would bet that people who hate it either don’t like the style or didn’t know this is what its supposed to taste like. It would be interesting to get their reviews of some other dubbels, ie. Pater 6, Kwak, Chimay Red….

  2. Hey Brendan, glad to see good minds think alike. I’m also glad to see I didn’t give this beer the most stars.

  3. Well I didn’t think a beer this good deserved the terrible average it got and wanted to bump it up a little. I am surprised that after having two or three of these beasties people were not convinced/intoxicated enough to believe that it was the best beer ever made.

  4. It was a decent dubbel, but not exactly in line with the best…I was too late to enter my comments, but I’m glad to see someone knows what a dubbel actually is! Good review!

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