Hell yeah

This years’ release of Darkness is much more accessible and sessionable than 07 in my opinion (altho I liked last years better I think), while still packing a wallop of malts and hops to enjoy. Chilled and in a pint glass it was incredible; I can only imagine how good it will be at 55 degrees and in a nice tulip glass. Proper. Grab a glass while supplies last.

A bite of springtime

Good ol’ August Schell, our standby, our stalwart, keeping the German styles going for nigh on 150 years. Good ol’ gold and green MaiFest label…the bottle’s open and now I drink…Clear, golden hue, big, lasting, creamy white head…loverly… Sweet malty nose, apples and cereal husks, with whiffs of honey…wow, a lot going on here. Shines bright in the nose, but in the taste… beautiful. Tons of fresh malty flavor, but never too heavy, very drinkable, and floods of flavor keeps rolling in…Crisp and delicious…lays on the palate a bit, then softly drifts away. Seems better than I remember it…are these guys improving after nearly a century and a half? Haiku #8 (for week 14? I’ve got catching up to do!)Though April showers/may come your way, drink the beer /that they brew for May.


Two words; Chewy.

Yeah, yeah, that’s only one word. I know. Get off my ass already. I’m not that bright.

I’m not one to discuss stuff like “head retention”, or something technical, like “flavor”, but I’m going to break tradition and get all technical on your asses by saying this; this beer makes me all sleepy and stuff.

One hell-of-a nightcap. Yum.