Double the ABV, Double the Fun, Double Rett’s Volume

Town Hall’s Double American Red Ale is a great beer. It doesn’t taste that alcoholic, like an Imperial Stout might, but you can definitely feel the effects when you’re half way through the glass. This beer had a clean, hoppy taste that I really enjoyed.

Rett may have been talking a little loud but it was still hard to hear him over the other conversations, traffic noise and the sound of my brain cells absorbing this beer. Maybe that’s where the term “buzz” comes from.

Few infusions

Luckily, I was able to snag two of the Infusion series beers before they ran out.  The raspberry stout was already gone.  The chocolate milk porter was almost a meal by itself and may have been great topped with whipped cream.  The lingonberry milk porter, I would describe as a not-too-bitter milk porter with a hint of berries at the end. Tart, but definitely not overpowering.  I don’t think I noticed the berries right away because I blew my palate away with chips and guac before hand. 

Straight to my brain

I met up with some Brew52’ers on Sunday where we sampled beer out on the patio. I started off with the Milk Porter which was super smooth, super creamy, and a bit too sweet for my taste. Then I had an 1800 IPA and it totally hit the spot. A really nice bite to it, but not too bitter. When the server came with my tab she asked if I had one or two IPA’s and I had to think really hard for a half a minute and I still wasn’t entirely sure. This is either a good sign for the beer or a bad sign for my brain.