says enjoyable beer

March 14th, 2008

enjoyable beer.  smells good, tastes good, you can drink a bunch of ’em and still like ’em.

Light, crisp, and clean; with a slight amount  of malt flavor.

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says Special? More like dependable.

March 10th, 2008

This is a nice friendly pale ale with floral hop aroma and taste and a good malt backbone.  I really like a good sessionable beer.  Sometimes I do not need to have a taste experience, or have my assumptions about beer challenged.  I need a beer that has a good solid malt and hop flavor, and not too much ABV so I can have another. 

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says Week 10 already?! Wow, I AM getting old.

March 9th, 2008

Yep, this beer was good. Crisp, nice strong taste without being overwhelmingly ‘pale ale-ish,’ and refreshing. All that and I only finished half of it because it had been a long night and I had to drive home. But, I would buy it again, probably more than one bottle the next time. However, I have to disagree with Nick that “the bottle is one of the best” . . . it was so plain and nondescript that I nearly missed it in the sea of sweet labels. I don’t mind the “Lake Superior” wordmark – looks a bit 80s vintage (again, we’re old if 80s can be vintage) like something my dad would have been drinking when I was a tot –  I just have an issue with the use of Monotype Corsiva for the “Special Ale.” I mean, it’s special, right? So let’s not use a Mac standard font.

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