big brown bottle

No question, I liked this one a lot.  This is the most surprising Schell’s beer I’ve had.  Others have been safely tasty, but not particularly memorable.  This was full bodied and drinkable.  It had great flavor that didn’t leave a sour lingering taste like I’d expect some stouts to.  I found this in a 22oz bottle and thought it might be a challenge to finish – not the case.  I even initially thought the label was kind of drab but now I’m kind of smitten with it. Ohh, cute.   

No, what I have is a romantic abnormality, one so unbelievable that it must be hidden from the public at all cost.

I got Miss Catfish — a lithe, slippery creature with a sneering grin and a pair of enormous shades a la Nicole Richie. I love the label, though I’ll admit I was hoping for something a bit more Daryl Hannah.

Typical of my experience with Schell’s brews, I found this a functional beverage, neither offensive nor remarkable. But then I’m not much of a lager drinker, excluding session (read binge) drinking, and in such cases, I reach for the cheap stuff. Nevertheless, I’m a sucker for marketing gimmicks (I even drank OK Soda once), and tip my hat to Augie Schell for rousing my latent ichthyophilia.


Right now it’s late at night and I’m watching a Fatboy Slim concert on a beach somewhere in England circa 2002. It’s just as, if not more, stimulating than the Schell’s Pilsner I happen to be drinking. This beer’s taste is a throwback to keg beer and plastic cups, only light years better for two reasons: #1- it is better. Better taste, better quality, and a better experience overall knowing it comes from a regional brewer.   #2 – I’ve come to appreciate history and knowing where a beer came from – in other words, I know brewing a pilsner would require a level of maintenance than I’m not up for just yet.  I respect that.

Still, the show and the camera shots switching in tune to the music is what is grabbing my attention now because the beer is good but not my style.  Sadly, techno is not terribly refreshing and would not as effectively…oh, say…cool a sunburn after a summer day of canoeing.  That’s where I see this beer fitting in well. 

snow strom thurmond

I’m not a changed man after drinking this.  That said, I was pleased to have Snow Storm around when the alternative was a case of Miller Lite my relatives were lusting over.  Drinkable, and pleasingly so, but definitely not the boldest of winter brews.  Sweet, but not too much, with a clean finish.  A pretty noncomittal, Minnesota Nice ale. 

blizzard of ’07

Thoroughly enjoyed this beer on tap. I found the beer a bit different the next time I had it, in the bottle, but overall found it enjoyable.

Just picked up another 6 pack to sample and review. Definitely will be picking this beer up again, hopefully Big Top has them for $3 a six pack again towards the spring like last year.

Beer starts with a prominent carbonated crisp, followed by a quick sweat note, then a slight spice I associate with belgium yeast, then as the beer goes down the gullet I am left with a lingering sweat note. Now on to bottle two, oh ya, it smells good too!

My two word review: Shit Storm

My longer review: I always lean toward the underdog (Kucinich ’08!) and want to see them come out on top, so it’s with much disappointment that I come down against Schell’s Snow Storm. I couldn’t wait to finish this and I nearly didn’t, but I always finish my beer (with the exception of that craptacular Fat Tire pint I tried because everyone raves about it for some reason).

A few things just from the back of the label: “inspired by the Monastic beers of Belgium” – This is like saying Lichtenstein was inspired by the Old Masters because the results are pretty far off. Have we been to the same Belgium? Second, what’s a “subtle overtone”? Can an overtone really be subtle? Maybe like a hushed crescendo. 

I will say this – the 6 malts did stand out, unpleasantly so as did the spice factor. If I had to compare the taste to something I’d say it’s like a Blue Moon with a rancid orange squeezed in. Very nasty. This is one case where my taste buds trump my indy spirit because if this were offered to me for free next to a Budweiser I had to pay for, I’d take the Bud and, dammit, I hate Bud. And paying.