The March 31st Snowstorm

I was able to find a sixer of Snowstorm lurking in the back of the liquor grocer’s cooler and decided to pick it up. No wonder it was sitting alone on the shelf. I poured it down the middle of the glass and got nary a bit of head out of it. After settling for 15 seconds, there was no carbonation whatsoever. The taste was flat to boot. In fact, it tasted like I was drinking it out of a soiled pair of Sorels.

I had last year’s Snowstorm and remember being quite impressed by it. Well, no two snowflakes are alike. This much is true. I could pick up the raisin aroma after it warmed up a bit, but the overall flavor was as bland as a fratboy’s musical tastes. I kinda wish I had left that sixer sitting on the shelf. And so it goes.