says Paddington Beer

June 9th, 2008

Well, the can says it has hints of marmalade so this must be Paddington Bear’s favorite beer.  Why not couple alcoholism with an already odd addiction to an orange jelly?  He’s a bear in a raincoat!  Cute!

 The beer did have two distinct flavors:  the hop blast at the beginning followed by the flowery/fruityness.  It could pass as a marmalade flavor, I think.  Definitely a good summer beer. 

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says Marmalade?

June 5th, 2008

Maybe I am missing something.

This is a hoppy, toasty brew with a long, bitter finish and kind of a flowery smell. Not as creamy as I like from an English-style bitter, but good nonetheless. However, I can’t discern anything that I would describe as marmalade.

Maybe i need more marmalade experience.

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