A bite of springtime

Good ol’ August Schell, our standby, our stalwart, keeping the German styles going for nigh on 150 years. Good ol’ gold and green MaiFest label…the bottle’s open and now I drink…Clear, golden hue, big, lasting, creamy white head…loverly… Sweet malty nose, apples and cereal husks, with whiffs of honey…wow, a lot going on here. Shines bright in the nose, but in the taste… beautiful. Tons of fresh malty flavor, but never too heavy, very drinkable, and floods of flavor keeps rolling in…Crisp and delicious…lays on the palate a bit, then softly drifts away. Seems better than I remember it…are these guys improving after nearly a century and a half? Haiku #8 (for week 14? I’ve got catching up to do!)Though April showers/may come your way, drink the beer /that they brew for May.

Getting warmer…

Dark, malty, roasty. Hints of chocolate, coffee. Smooth and creamy and full of flavor. This hangs heavy on the tongue which could be good or bad depending on your perspective. Right now I’m really enjoying it. This beer especially shines as a cask-conditioned beer. I enjoyed some in December at the Groveland Tap… I believe it was dry-hopped with fuggles hops. Very smooth, very complex and extremely tasty.

My two word review: Shit Storm

My longer review: I always lean toward the underdog (Kucinich ’08!) and want to see them come out on top, so it’s with much disappointment that I come down against Schell’s Snow Storm. I couldn’t wait to finish this and I nearly didn’t, but I always finish my beer (with the exception of that craptacular Fat Tire pint I tried because everyone raves about it for some reason).

A few things just from the back of the label: “inspired by the Monastic beers of Belgium” – This is like saying Lichtenstein was inspired by the Old Masters because the results are pretty far off. Have we been to the same Belgium? Second, what’s a “subtle overtone”? Can an overtone really be subtle? Maybe like a hushed crescendo. 

I will say this – the 6 malts did stand out, unpleasantly so as did the spice factor. If I had to compare the taste to something I’d say it’s like a Blue Moon with a rancid orange squeezed in. Very nasty. This is one case where my taste buds trump my indy spirit because if this were offered to me for free next to a Budweiser I had to pay for, I’d take the Bud and, dammit, I hate Bud. And paying.