So Much Better On Tap; Still Quite Good In The Can

Every Surly I’ve had tastes totally different on tap. The furious is amazing on tap. A revelation to a beer drinker. The smell of citrus, the aroma is wonderful. Then the hops hit you, and it tastes like a real beer, not one of those wheat beers that I’m embarrased to admit I like.

In the can; it’s good and borders on great, but it just isn’t quite there. I’m not sure why. I love the first taste, and the second, but when I get to the bottom of the glass, it’s just not as fantastic as I imagine it.

I’ve had it in a Gremlin Growler, and it’s much closer to the tap flavor there. Either way, this is a damn good beer. If you don’t like your beer to have flavor, you’ll hate Surly. That’s why it’s called Surly, not Girly.

UPDATE: Thanks to Eric for correcting my use of the word “Gremlin.”  This is why you shouldn’t review a Surly immediately after drinking it.