Shake it up, figuratively not literally.

As Tina Turner says: Every now and then, we like to do something nice.. and easy. Only there’s just one thing: we never do anything nice.. and easy.   This beer is like punk rock in a can for me.  If you have been drinking nice, pleasant beers with subtle flavors and mellow bitterness, sometimes it’s nice to just drag your fingernails across the chalkboard of your palate and shake things up.  Furious is a beer that does just that.  It’s like an alarm or a call to action.  It fairly screams “you are still alive and there are still flavors you haven’t become accustomed to!”   Purists and nerds will ask:  Is it a true IPA ? Is it well balanced?  Furious answers them with a resounding “Go sod yerself toolbag!”