Thank you Herk

Herkimer, I got nothin but love for you. You were a most gracious host on Wednesday for the first official Brew52 meet up. You brew a mean Alt Bier, which I found to be nice and hoppy, not too bitter, and actually quite creamy. You also make some really tasty dipping sauces. I especially enjoyed dipping my mini burgers in your tangy ketchup. Yum. Thanks for supporting Brew52 and I look forward to tasting more of your great beers. Oh and even though I didn’t take advantage of it, thanks for having a shuffleboard!

At first…

The first taste of the Alt I must say was disappointing. It just tasted off. Thankfully, it did get better as the night wore on, that “interesting” taste fading to the background. I need to do more exploring of lagers to figure out what that is. Maybe its supposed to be there. I wish I had more opportunities to get to the Herk. Good meeting a few folks.

“Alt love you. No, seriously, Alt LOOOOVE you.”

So, to my surprise, Alt was the name of the beer we were tasting, not the fancy schmany brand that Rett made to symbolize our Alt[ernative] meet-up this week. Also, to my surprise, this beer was INCREDible. It was like Newcastle (my all time favorite) on flavor steroids. Unfortunately for me, I was low on sleep, heavy on homework, and responsible for driving Nick back home, so I limited myself to just one (amazing) glass. I loved every last sip of it . . . dare I say, this is my first 5 star beer?!

Hooray for the Herkimer!

What a great meet-up at the Herkimer!!! The beer was good, the food was good, and I found all the brew52ers  to be an enjoyable group of people!  And as a bonus I won a 12 pack of the Summit Winter!

I’m always a little nervous meeting new people, so I am not sure I did a really good job evaluating the ALT, but I’m thinking it was pretty darn good. I will certainly visit the Herkimer again!

Party at Herkimer, and in my mouth

The Herkimer Alt is aptly named as a great alternative to standard pale ale. It has the hops and smoothness of pale ale with an extra German kick that makes it stand apart. I’m not sophisticated enough to know what it is but I like it.

It was great to meet many of the Brew52 reviewers, thanks for setting it up Rett. Also, thanks to the staff at The Herkimer for their hospitality!

Butterscotch Candy

The first sip of the Alt seemed like something other than beer. It took a couple of sips to determine what that taste was – butterscotch! You know that butterscotch syrup that you put over ice cream. I don’t recommend using beer over ice cream. It was creamy and sweet but not syrupy. I do recommend Bailey’s Irish Cream over chocolate ice cream but that’s a different story. All in all, I was able to get past the butterscotch taste and enjoy the brew. I also very much enjoyed the company and hope that we will have more meet ups during the year.