says I missed the boat.

February 19th, 2008

But I won’t let it tarnish my perfect record. The Dyers and I took a special trip to the Happy Gnome to taste the elusive Surly 2, only to find out that it was all gone – which must be a testament to it’s amazingness, right? Either way, I can almost guarantee I would have loved it, so I’m giving it 4 stars despite the failure to taste.

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says In the minority?

February 13th, 2008

Well, by the looks of the reviews so far I might be in the minority on this beer. My wife and I stopped in at the Happy Gnome for lunch and had a couple of glasses.  When I was reading about the beer beforehand I had been thinking “cranberries? That sounds awful.”  But I couldn’t have been more wrong, this is an outstanding beer!! Because of the tartness it reminded me of something from Belgium.  Not overly sweet, very, very good!!

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