Looking for a great bock beer? Keep looking.

If you listen to the Twins on the radio, the only way to enjoy a ball game outside of actually going in person, you’ve heard the relentless ads for Gluek’s Honey Bock – several times a night. And yet, I managed to go all of last season without having one (ah, the power of advertising). So I was kinda excited to see this on the list so I could see if it’s worth sitting on the porch this summer with a few in the cooler while the game’s on (pitchers and catchers report Feb 14!) The answer…not really.

While I will say this beer isn’t terrible, once you get past the first swig (bleh), it’s not one I want to have over and over for 9 innings. I don’t know how many Bock beers Dan Gladden’s had, but somehow I don’t think he cares (think quantity, not quality). Too much honey, not enough Bock if you ask me. Had this been a Shiner Honey Bock, I might have been more forgiving, but Gluek’s doesn’t carry a lot of weight with me as a brewery (or an establishment).  Still, better than the Snow Storm from last week.

Completely Unremarkable

I’ve reviewed this one before. I found it as meh then as I do now.

It wasn’t good. At all. But it wasn’t particularly bad, either. A hair on the positive side of completely neutral. Inoffensive, but not inspiring. I did enjoy the pour. Nice looking in a pint gas with a couple inches of head. (I can’t stand to drink anything out of a can, so I had to transfer it.)

Relied on my memory

Glueks Honey Bock has in the past been one of my summer session beers, something I could drink 2 or 3 of in a night along side some homebrews and not get totally plowed. After reading the reviews here I will admit I didn’t want to go out and throw $10 or $12 down for 24 cans of some crap beer, especially when it’s likely to just take up space in my basement until a hot July day.

So I didn’t. I will concur with the other reviews, and agree that yes, you get what you pay for with Gluek’s. But really, it’s a pretty good beer to drink after mowing the lawn or playing a few rounds of disc golf. At least that’s what my memory tells me.  But seeing that I’m a big ol’ cheater (and cheap), and can’t actually comment on the beer that I just drank for the review, maybe it has gone hill in the last year and is actually on par with Busch Light and Miller Lite.

At least you save a few bucks with Glueks HB and are able to support a local brewery.

A little bit of nothing

To be honest- I had to pour the beer out of the can into a nice frosty glass to tease my tastebuds into thinking it wasn’t just another canned beer.  It wasn’t good, it wasn’t bad.  It was like Miller lite with a twist (but not a bad twist like Miller Chill).  If there was a night that I knew I was going to do a  lot of heavy drinking (possibly building my own beer can pyramid) Gluek’s Honey Bock might be my beer o’ choice.