A hidden gem?

I really want to find a Cold Spring beer that I like. And it seems likely that among the many different lines they produce that there would be a hidden gem. So when I found the Colonial Pub Pints I was pretty excited. They come in tall cans (just like Surly!) and the labels feel right with their old time mustachio’d gentlemen. But the Hefeweizen is still lacking something, and I can only describe it as tasting watered down.

Now when I purchased the four pack at Surdyk’s I saw the Colonial Pub Pint Old Johnny Ale variety as well. It was on a display that said “Manager’s Choice,” and at the sale price of $4.50 I picked up a four pack of it as well. So I’m still holding out hope that I’m going to find something I really like.

Hidden in the cave of mystery

This has to be one of the most intriguing beers I’ve reviewed thus far.  Just think about it, all of the other Minnesota beers say right on the label where they come from, and usually they point you to a web site where you can find out more info. BORING! Brewer’s Cave keeps you on your toes with it’s mysterious label stating “Handcrafted by the Blue Diamond Brewing Company” and lack of web site. Continue reading Hidden in the cave of mystery

Gluek Honey “buck”

Man this stuff is cheap.  Not bad, wish I has just just finished mowing the lawn, and sucked a few of these down, to truly appreciate this beer in its element.  Maybe I could crack open a hole in the lake, stick a pole down, pretend to fish, and get drunk off this stuff.  It is what you expect and maybe better, but if you expect this to be “beer enthusiest good”, might as well get the heck out of the fridge section where this stuff lives, it keeps some scary company.  Hey Fat Cat used to be a MN brewed beer, and that is truly CRAP !

Gluek’s beer flavored water

Really, I don’t want to be too mean because every brewmaster probably has their baby, and I’m sure this beer is someone’s… but I think they need to spend a little more time figuring out how to make this a ‘real beer’ – not beer-flavored water.

I’m giving it 2 stars because it’s not as bad as the cheap beers – but what else is there? I caught a faint whiff of honey, but otherwise it just tasted like a beer trying to move out of cheap status.

Meh, meh and double meh!

This beer would be fine if you were trapped at your uncle the cheap drunk’s house without an alternative.  This is one of those beers, that is best served as cold as possible.  When it is very cold, you taste nothing, then a sweet taste.  This is pure alcohol delivery device, and as such it has few other redeeming characteristics.  I like a little flavor with my alcohol.   To sum up I would not seek it out and I would not purchase it.   Thanks to Cassie and CJ for delivering this to me.  

Could be worse.

I gave it a 3 based on the 5.8% and the 9 dollars plus tax I paid for the 24 of ’em.  I took them to a party with a few other guys and we drank them all, they get better with the quantity you drink.  It is a fine beer to get drunk off of while fishing, playing poker, or Guitar Hero.  I would buy it again for the quantity, not quality.

Paid $9.14 plus tax at Sid’s in Bloomington.

Second favorite honey beer (of 2 I’ve tried)

I was surprised that this was so cheap ($6.99/12 pack) until I tasted it.  It smelled and tasted like a cheap beer.  Once I poured it into a glass the smell got a little better, but I still didn’t like the taste.  I think the honey is in there just to try to cover up the harsh taste.  For the record, the other honey beer I’ve tried is Leinie’s Honey Weiss.

Cheap Beer

A two star beer for me is something I would drink socially but never buy myself. My initial reaction, after I had taken my first taste out of the can, was that this beer is a two.  But after pouring it in a glass, drinking a little more, and perhaps thinking a little too much about it I decided that the taste, low cost, and the Ram on the Can bump this beer up to a three.

That said with 23 cans of this stuff left, a new beer to drink next week, and plenty of home brew in the cellar I need to invite some friends over this weekend!

but doesn’t hang up the phone

My dad was a camp director. Every summer until I was 17, my family would pack up and move to the shores of beautiful Lake Mudhen near Siren, WI. (Are you paying attention, KM?)

Sometime around 1980, we got a brand new dining hall/bathroom facility and with it, a new septic tank. Previously, too many flushes in the old bathrooms and/or our neighbor draining his sewage into/under camp property would prove to be too much for the old septic tank and it would occasionally overflow. I can still remember raw sewage trickling down the hill. My dad dubbed it the Little Yellow River, a nod to the Yellow River, where we sometimes took the campers canoeing.

the perfect morning beer

This morning I found myself doing something out of the ordinary because of a WordPress technical limitation. The week 2 beer page will only show up if there is a post associated with it. So what’s a not-too-techy guy like me going to do? Certainly not hack the code in WordPress, but rather hack the code to my morning routine by adding a line that says “if it’s Monday morning, insert Gluek Honey Bock into mouth and write a review.” Continue reading the perfect morning beer