Sweet ending to a long wait

It took quite a bit to find Surly 2 on tap. My favorite place said they had it and would put it on tap after they ran out of Bender. So I drank a lot of Bender. Finally, on Saturday after noon I walked in and they answered yes to my repetitive query. I had even tried to go to other locations and was denied a taste. I was getting somewhat worried about the taste due to comments that had been made. I avoid reading the other reviews until I finish mine so I have no bias. On to the review – I actually liked it. It did taste very fruity and had a cough syrup reminiscence but I could drink one at a sitting. There is no way I would have a second at the same sitting. Almost like finishing a dinner with port. In fact, I think that is the way I will use it next time. I know there will be a next time since Washington Square finally put it on tap and it will take longer to go through that keg than they did with the Bender. Another good thing was the fact that there is not a beer aftertaste.

Flat Earth Brewing – with emphasis on Flat

With such a large bottle, I knew that I would need to pour it in to a mug. It formed a nice head when poured into the middle of the mug. I really like the carmel color, but I am partial to anything darker than a lager. When lifted to the nose, I noted a fruity aroma to the beer. After that point, I was disappointed. The taste was flat and almost non-existent after the first couple of seconds. A few moments later after a few more sips, the flavor had built and was now quite pleasant. There is a hint of clove and a little fruity taste. There is not an unpleasant aftertaste. In fact, you want to keep sipping . It might be the reason for the large bottle; it takes a while to build up a great taste. It is definitely a sip and enjoy type of beer that can take a while to finish. By the time I finished the beer, it was slightly warm. Lost some of the flavor and I was happy that it was done.

Snowstorm: A mix of many flavors

The sip starts with a medium dash of spice, followed by a a fair share of citrus, and finishes with a light hint of rum. It’s a bit fruity-sweet (I use that word very loosely here – we’re not talking kool-aid). While drinking it, I had a few thoughts of crackling fires, toasted nuts, and gingerbread cookies. I was pleasantly surprised by this beer.

A Good SnowStorm!

Pretty good! I’ve always had mixed results with Schell’s beer, but I like this one.  I guess the thing I like the best is that it is a somewhat interesting beer, not boring. Of course I’ve had a lot better (and more interesting), but I’ve also paid a lot more for most of those than I did with this beer! The more I drink it the more I like it!

Reminds Me of Summer

I cracked a Snowstorm expecting to have some dark winter stout. I was totally caught off guard when the beer tasted more like the Hefeweizen I brewed in the late summer. I quickly turned the bottle around and read that the Schell Brewmaster tries out a different recipe for Snowstorm each year and that this year it was brewed with a Belgian yeast. What an awesome idea! I couldn’t really taste the raisins or rum that they describe, but it definitely has a light, slightly fruity taste. A little bit of summer was just what I needed on a cold-ass Minnesota day.