Sir Duluth is one smooth Mr. (shut yer mouth!)

So I feel like I’ve been harshing on my boys from Lake Superior a little bit, if only to myself. Their barleywine just didn’t measure up, and their red has disappointed way too many times.

But wow, their Oatmeal Stout is fantastic. The chocolate malts seem to hit me first, followed by a little sourness perhaps, and a nice malty finish. Smooth. I burnt through a bunch of stouts this winter, mainly imperial ones, but I wish this woulda been in my rotation. Nice job, LS!

A distant memory

Ok, truth be told I’m only writing this review because the page throws a bunch of errors when there aren’t any reviews. So I plan to retaste this beer on Saturday when the wife and I get back from our vacation in San Antonio. I remember really liking this beer. We had a sampler pack when we went snowboarding at Lutsen a few months ago, and the Oatmeal Stout was my favorite. So with that distant memory, I’ll give it a solid 4.

Sessionable English ale, from Duluth

Haven’t had one of these in a while. Let’s crack a crown and jump right in… Cloudy coppery color, slim off -white head…nice…Aromatic bitterness greets the nose…classic English-style hopping. Green apple tinge to it, with a bit of the pine thing from American hops, mixed with  caramel malt.Tastin’ it…bitter hop smack on the palate, then the apple and a bit of butterscotch,…bitterness reigns, though isn’t overpowering, just right for an English style pale ale. I’m no expert, I can’t say if it’s Fuggles or East Kent Goldings, I just know it tastes British, and fits right in for the style.Though I favor American style pale ales and IPAs these days, I can drink this down without a problem. Just enough hops and flavor to keep my tastebuds occupied.  Haiku #9 (for week 10)…”Lake Superior/ Northern-most of the Great Lakes/ not bad beer, either.” 

Tastes like home.

I may be a little biased on this beer because it’s made across the street from where I work, it’s on tap in practically every bar in my hometown, and I drink it all the time. Here in Duluth, you can hardly go to the dentist without being handed a bottle of LSS. It’s smooth and citrusy, with a tinge of bitter. It pretty much tastes like every badmitton game I’ve ever played, every picnic I’ve ever enjoyed, every beach bonfire I’ve ever warmed myself next to. It tastes like standing on my porch, watching a storm roll in off the big lake. It’s the keg sweating next to the washing machine while the Black-eyed Snakes perform in someone’s basement. It’s the bottle in my hand while I snowshoe down the middle of the street during a blizzard.

Every sip carries a dozen more memories. This tastes like home.