blanket weather

I’m a sucker for slightly chilly weather and strong beer.  Combine the two and I’m one happy camper.  Thanks to everyone for hanging out, we had a blast.  Thanks to Colin for being such a genuinely happy beermaker. 

I enjoyed the sample pitchers as a way to try all the beers and was pleased that nobody got visibly disgusted by the rinse pitcher.  The Little Barley Bitter would make a great end of a long day beer.  The IPA….well….I wasn’t impressed.  It seemed, judging from Colin’s tone, that the brewers at Barley John’s were aware this mix of hops was a bit of an experiment and in that regard it turned out well.  Stacked up to other IPAs that I’m a fan of, though, it doesn’t hold up as well.  The Wild Brunette, though is a great brown ale without being watery (something I’ve noticed in browns….could just be me).  For a final act in the 4-part sampler, I don’t think anyone could top the Dark Knight Returns.  I also don’t think any healthy American should enjoy any more than each of us poured.  It was big, bold, complex and I think I may have napped for a few minutes after drinking what little I had.  I particularly enjoyed the contrast from the aroma to the taste.  The heavy bourbon smell was only mildly present in the flavor – a perfect balance for a beer of that style, IMHO.