A sipper…

Deep and dark in appearance with some reddish hues. Deep mocha-colored head that stuck around for a bit. I’m smelling some rich dark and toasty malts as well as cranberries.  The taste is a mix of dark roasty, toasty malts and a huge, tart cranberry presence. I’m actually detecting some hops here too. I’m enjoying this beer, though I will admit that I’m a big fan of cranberries.

A tasty offering from Surly – probably not my favorite, but still tasty.

Two of 2 is one too many

I tried Surly 2 in small sample size at Winterfest last friday towards the end of the night. I was getting pretty toasted so the different beers were beginning to merge into one glorious happy generic beer. Then Surly 2 came through and it was like someone stabbed a straw through my throat and began pouring cranberry-flavored cough syrup in. I quickly asked for a tea-bagged furious.

Then on Monday Rebekah and I met up with Erin, Ben, and Josh at the Blue Nile for an official sampling. This time I enjoyed it. I think partly because I didn’t have a bunch of other beers fresh on my tongue, but also because I was able to get past the initial shock of flavor. I ended up finishing Erin’s as well, and I’d say two of 2 is 1 too many.

In the minority?

Well, by the looks of the reviews so far I might be in the minority on this beer. My wife and I stopped in at the Happy Gnome for lunch and had a couple of glasses.  When I was reading about the beer beforehand I had been thinking “cranberries? That sounds awful.”  But I couldn’t have been more wrong, this is an outstanding beer!! Because of the tartness it reminded me of something from Belgium.  Not overly sweet, very, very good!!